Concerned About Your Aging Loved One?

We provide dementia treatment in Mandan, ND

It's normal to feel overwhelmed and helpless after you or a loved one received a dementia diagnosis. At Mind Elements Psychiatry in Mandan, ND, you can receive the compassionate support and dementia treatment you need to navigate this difficult season of life.

Our expert psychiatrist, Dr. Cumbo, has extensive experience working with dementia patients between 55 and 97 years old. She understands the complex medical and emotional needs of patients and their families throughout every stage of the disease, from early diagnosis to late-stage behavioral problems like aggression and sundowning. With her efficient medication management services and mindfulness of existing chronic medical diagnoses, she can help your loved one manage their symptoms and maintain a high quality of life.

We know how much your loved one means to you, and we're here to provide the expert care and support your family needs to navigate this challenging journey. Contact us today to start seeking treatment for dementia.


Depression in the elderly can present itself in unexpected ways and can be difficult to diagnose. But don't lose hope. Mind Elements Psychiatry specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of depression in older adults. Thanks to Dr. Cumbo's efficient assessment process, she can...

  • Differentiate between depression and other conditions, such as chronic medical conditions or cognitive disorders
  • Determine the underlying cause of your emotional struggles
  • Provide you with medication management and other therapeutic services

We're dedicated to providing compassionate care that meets your unique needs.

Complicated grief

Dealing with complicated grief can be an isolating and painful experience that may result in depression or other organic mental health concerns. But don't despair - help is available at Mind Elements Psychiatry in Mandan, ND.

Dr. Cumbo, understands the unique challenges that come with aging and loss, and she's eager to help you find a new sense of purpose and joy. With a range of therapeutic interventions, such as creating new experiences, Dr. Cumbo can help you find your new spark and move forward with hope and healing.

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