Depression and anxiety

Start the journey to joy with our psychiatrist in Mandan, ND

Do you want to experience life to the fullest with hope and joy? We can help by providing you with teletherapy for social anxiety, generalized anxiety or depression.

Mind Elements Psychiatry of Mandan, ND specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of depression and anxiety disorders, with a focus on...

  • Providing comprehensive support
  • Offering compassionate counseling
  • Encouraging good physical health practices

We know that medication management is just one component of a larger treatment plan, and we work tirelessly to provide personalized care that meets your unique needs. With our guidance, you can overcome the challenges of depression and anxiety and start living your best life.

Call 701-979-3232 now to set up teletherapy for social anxiety, generalized anxiety or depression.


Wondering how to succeed in your personal and professional life? Turn to Mind Elements Psychiatry for ADHD treatment. We provide access to a broad spectrum of therapeutic solutions that can help you manage the cognitive, behavioral, and neurophysiological aspects of ADHD.

Our safe, therapeutic environment will allow you to receive the best possible care as we tailor a comprehensive plan that's unique to your needs. With our guidance, you can overcome the challenges of ADHD and achieve success in all areas of your life. Reach out today to start making positive changes in your life.

Bipolar Disorder Type 2

Are you or a loved one struggling with bipolar disorder or other psychotic disorders? These conditions can be incredibly challenging and require expert care to manage. At Mind Elements Psychiatry in Mandan, ND, we understand the severity of these conditions and offer both bipolar disorder analysis and help to find the resources you need to get back on track.

Led by the experienced Dr. Cumbo, our team will perform a comprehensive evaluation to assess your level of need for...

  • Medication management and ancillary services
  • Nutrition and medical management of co-morbid illnesses
  • Holistic care to help you achieve the best possible outcome

With our expert guidance, you can take control of your condition and start living a fulfilling life. Don't wait to get the care you deserve - contact us today for bipolar disorder analysis. We'll help you start treatment for bipolar disorder type 2.

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